north New Jersey water is safe

Our North New Jersey Water Supply

Our drinking water flows in abundance, as provided by The water from the Oradell Reservoir, treated by the Suez treatment plant,  supplies many of us with the water that flows into our homes.

It’s almost impossible for our drinking water sources not to have pollutants in them in our advanced world today. Not only do industries cause water concerns, but also what we do around our own homes. While we use pesticides to make our lives better, we are also adding to ground pollution that drains into our underground water system. Even major flooding causes the spread of polluting elements that end up back in our water supplies.

How to Know What’s in Your Drinking Water in North New Jersey

We don’t mean to be redundant, but it’s to make sure any new followers, in northern New Jersey, know to go to our New Jersey State Health Assessment Data (NJSHAD). It’s an excellent resource to find out about public drinking water in your county.

  1. For residents on public drinking water, you’re able to see the quality of your water.
    1. Click on your county to find out your water system.
    2. Enter the information on “New Jersey Drinking Water Watch“.
  2. For residents with private wells, you’re responsible for testing your water.

Be Knowledgeable of Lead in Your Drinking Water

As so many of us realized earlier in the year, high concentrations of lead have many of us on high alert. We still have a reason for concern, as reported on NPR. But another source of lead contamination can be within your own home if it has the old lead piping and plumbing. NPR guides you on how to tell if you have lead piping, and what to do.

Remove Lead From Your Home’s Drinking Water

If you find that your home has lead flowing from your faucets, you should take preventive measures to avoid the tainted water for drinking. At Advanced Water Softening, we are the experts when it comes to treating your home’s water for pollutants. If you do nothing else, you want to learn about our reverse osmosis purification systems that will deliver clean water for lasting health and financial benefits.

A Common Problem Is Hard Water

Hard water is common across our country, and many of us in North New Jersey have hard water. Unlike lead, hard water does not cause any known health issues, but it can affect individuals in different ways. Hard water can be a nuisance.

It’s Easy to Eliminate Hard Water

At Advanced Water Softening, we have the best solutions for eliminating hard water conditions in your water, and you will see and feel the difference.

Whether Public or Private, Testing Your Water is FREE

It’s our mission to give our North New Jersey neighbors the means to have the cleanest and freshest water flowing from your faucets, even when the condition of our North New Jersey water may not be the best. As our blog states, it’s easy to know the quality of your water with our FREE water testing. All you have to do is “claim it,” when you visit our site. Or, call us direct to set it up at 201.493.9697, or at 973.839.2456. It’s important to know what’s in your water.

Advanced Water Softening: Quality Solutions for North New Jersey Water Problems

Since our country’s bicentennial, in 1976, our family at Advanced Water Softening has been dedicated to keeping up and delivering the best water softening systems to our North New Jersey neighbors. Don’t be in fear of turning on your faucets. Let us help you with a solution that is right for you and your home or office.

It doesn’t cost you anything to call us, and the water test is free. Our mission is to help you enjoy the purest water with products only from WaterCare, a reputation built on decades of quality. We look forward to telling you more about us, and how we can help you enjoy your water, right from your tap.