Learn About the Water in Your NJ County

Water is essential to our daily lives. You may want to find out more about the water in your area to make sure you and your family are consuming the purest water. An informative source for us all is the State of New Jersey Department of Health. As reported, while “New Jersey offers some of the most pure and safe drinking water anywhere,” every household wants to be aware of “possible contaminants to public supplies and private wells.”

You want to be sure of the levels of lead and other contaminants that may be flowing from your faucets, especially if your source of water is from a private well. As you will also learn under the tab, “data on drinking water quality in your county,” “there are water quality standards and monitoring requirements for over 90 contaminants” in public-supplied water.

For well water-supplied homes, testing is the responsibility of the owner.  Everyone should be vigilant in taking action “how to reduce the risk” of consuming water contamination: “be observant, be involved, and prevent contamination.” You can learn more about New Jersey’s “Drinking Water Watch” to keep up with your specific neighborhood.

Welcome to New Jersey The Harmful Contaminants

From the “data on drinking water quality in your county” page, you have an understanding of the contaminants that are being tracked and treated in public-supplied water sources: “lead, arsenic, tetrachloroethylene, radium, trichloroethylene, and uranium.” Well-supplied water should be tested for arsenic, fecal coliform or E. coli, radioactivity, mercury, and nitrate.”

Other Water Problems You May Have

Other water issues that are less worrisome, but they can be burdensome. Various mineral deposits or other elements can be playing havoc on your clothes, hair, and skin. Not to mention leaving corrosive water fixtures and stains in your showers, sinks, and tubs.

  • Hard water means you have high mineral content, such as calcium or iron.
  • Understand how the pH levels of your water can signal a problem.
  • If your water has a foul smell, you may have high levels of magnesium or sulfur.

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Step 3: Once You’re Our Customer, We’re There for You!

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