Over 60 years ago, a small Wisconsin business was formed to manufacture portable exchange tanks and supplies; but what began as a small supply shop has since grown into a 80,000 sq. ft. operation that reaches the entire United States, and is also gaining international recognition!

WaterCare proudly manufactures all of their high-quality products right here in the USA, and has been a leader in the water treatment industry since their earliest days; striving always for better efficiency in water treatments that will deliver the best products to your home or business! Technology is constantly advancing, and WaterCare has maintained a position of prominence in the forefront of the mission to make your water “good for life”.

City Water

While many people know that city water in the United States has gone through certain purification treatments, it is also important to know what exactly happens during this process, and how the results will affect you and your family.

Public drinking water systems use a series of methods to “purify” a massive amount water every day; methods that include adding chemicals to bond to dirt for easier removal, the application of chlorine to kill bacteria and viruses, and the addition of toxic fluoride to supposedly help eliminate tooth decay among the populace.

Although the United States has some of the cleanest public water in the world, there are still plenty of concerns that cause Americans to explore the availability of private water treatment systems:

  1. Public water treatment is geared toward clarifying and decontamination, but it doesn’t take out metals and minerals that can destroy your appliances over time.
  2. Public treatment attempts to make water clean, but it doesn’t make water taste good.
  3. Public treatment does not guarantee the complete safety of the water (as boil orders are often put into effect), and to this day, many public water conduits still contain lead. Health is put at risk by many elements that are not removed through public water treatment.

Well Water

For the many property owners who use a well, State or County Health Department inspections can verify the safety of the water; but just as the many negative elements remain in city water after treatment, there may be levels of unwanted contaminants in the well water also. Minerals such as iron can destroy the cosmetics of washrooms and kitchens in a short amount of time, as well as affect the color of laundry, dishes, and hair.


You’re probably wondering what in the world W.E.T. is! It stands for Water Efficient Technology and it’s best described in WaterCares own words…

“It’s all about conservation which we view as being very important. Water is a precious resource and deserves to be handled with respect, with care. Our patented proportional regeneration allows our system to use only the amount of water needed to clean itself. There is no unnecessary waste of water. It saves water, energy and money. And when combined with proportional brining, a process that saves you salt, it allows a water softener to be one of the most efficient appliances in your home. We’re very proud of our technology, and are pleased that we can offer it to customers who valve conservation, and saving a few bucks in the process as well. Let me show you how it’s different than the other systems being offered.  I’m sure you’ll agree that when you are thinking about making an investment in your home, you want to be sure it’s the best investment.

W.E.T. is the term we use for describing water efficient technology. Our systems are so advanced, so smart, that they only use the amount of water they need to clean themselves. There is no unnecessary waste of water. Our patented proportional regeneration process is environmentally friendly, and when used in conjunction with proportional brining, which saves on salt consumption, it becomes the “greenest” water conditioning system available today. And it saves you money as well. Let me show you how it works.”

Water Efficient Technology


WaterCare’s Mission

WaterCare’s desire is to help ease the mind of the average home or business owner by providing safe, great tasting water in the most efficient way; and that’s why we choose to predominately offer their products here at Passaic Bergen Water Softening. They know how to take care of any water purification problem you’re experiencing, because they’ve been handling these kind of issues for decades!

WaterCare even provides learning opportunities 3 times a year for anyone who wants to grow in their knowledge of safe water treatments and purification systems; now that’s dedication! These classes have helped thousands of people make changes to better their lives and live more efficiently, and attendance is usually so full that many have to wait for the next classes.

If you would like to have your water tested for contaminants, contact us today at Advanceed Water Softening! We have partnered as dealers with WaterCare to provide their expertise in this region of the country. We can detect countless toxins and trouble-causing elements that are commonly present in water; such as arsenicchloridescoliform bacteriafluoridehydrogen sulfideironleadmanganesenitrates, and sulfates; and we proudly offer the best products around, WaterCare systems!