Water is a super essential element in human life. Despite water constituting the highest percentage of the universe, some people still lack access to clean and healthy water for their domestic consumption. This triggers the need to develop a sharp focus on industrial players that deal with water softening systems. What are some of the dangers associated with the use of hard water, and the benefits of a water softener?

Risks Associated With Hard Water

Several risks associated with the use of hard water have been penned over and again. Here are five such threats which a water softening system can eradicate:

Poor-Tasting Water

Various elements in hard water cause poor taste and a bad smell. If your hard water has a metallic taste, it implies there is a high iron content in it. If it has a foul taste, it could be due to the presence of algae or sediment build-up in the water. A rotten egg smell, on the other hand, is associated with the presence of bacteria.

Soap Scum Build-Up

If you consistently have to clean soap scum that collects around the edges of your sinks, shower tiles, and bathtubs, then it is true you have issues with hard water. Occasionally, you will also realize the lingering of soap scum on dishes and glasses that have come out of your dishwasher. This usually is in the form of white spots.

Clogged Pipes

As the scale deposits of hard water build-up in the pipe, it gets clogged. As a result, this will constrict the flow of water. The blocked water pipes should worry you because they are likely to lead to the back-up of sewage pipes. A sewage back-up can be quite overwhelming as it will require the intervention of a trained and registered plumber to arrest the situation.

Dull Hair & Skin Irritation

Hard water tends to leave some soap behind- on your hair, clothes, skin and other stuff that you come into contact with. The mineral deposits in such residue can latch on to your skin, thereby sacking moisture out of your body. This may eventually cause dryness, discomfort, eczema flare-ups, and itching of your body parts; arms, head, and legs.

Appliance Deterioration

This is probably the most expensive and damaging consequence of hard water. The hard water can leave deposits of scale on your water-using appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerator and kettle, thereby shortening their life. This may lead to reduced efficiency and breakdown. It may also lead to increased water bills.

Benefits of a Water Softener System

If you are a homeowner plagued by the effects of hard water, a water softening system can be your lifesaver. Below are five benefits of having a whole-house water softening system:

  • It will help you save money on plumbing, appliances, electric bills, and soaps and detergents
  • Enables you to maintain a cleaner, softer skin
  • Makes your clothes brighter and develop a smoother feel as well as preserving the new fresh look
  • Enables you to spend less time cleaning
  • Makes it overly easy to clean utensils

Learn More About Dangers Associated With Hard Water

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