The Benefits of Drinking Clean Water

We all know how vital water is to our daily lives, and Thrive Global will help you understand how “drinking clean water does much more than quench your thirst.” Why would you want to use impure water to take care of your body?

  • “Hydrates” the Body
  • Shields the Respiratory System
  • Protects the Heart and Brain
  • Adjusts the Body’s Temperature
  • Benefits the Digestive System
  • Supports Kidney Function
  • Lubricates Muscles and Joints
  • PromotesHealthier Skin and Hair

Water Across the Country Contains Problems

Unfortunately, water all across the United States is found to have contaminants, as reported by Newsweek earlier this year. It’s never our intent, at Advanced Water Softening, to be the bearer of bad news. However, we intend to educate our readers and deliver the solutions for each homeowner, when it comes to the water we all use here in northern New Jersey.

If you aren’t up-to-date on the latest findings with the drinking water in Newark, we’re sharing it again. And, we recently posted information about the probability of Legionnaires’ Disease in water systems.

Contaminants You Don’t Want in Your Drinking Water

Treatments for safe drinking water

A reference to understand the water issues that may be in your area is “New Jersey State Health Assessment Data.” There are contaminants that city government monitors and treats, as needed.

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Nitrate
  • Perchloethylene
  • Radium
  • Trichlorethylene
  • Uranium

Anyone with a private well should be monitoring for some of the same issues, as well as other contaminants.

  • Fecal Coliform or E. Coli
  • Gross Alpha
  • Mercury
  • Nitrate

Contaminants That Can Cause Costly Repairs

Even though the issues below are not life-threatening, they can cause your plumbing to deteriorate or be damaging to your appliances, sinks, and tubs. For residences with these issues, your clothes and skin most likely are feeling the effects of these possible issues.

  • Iron can be why your clothes, dishes, and clothes don’t feel or look clean.
  • Hard water can be damaging your home’s pipes with scale buildup.
  • Water acidity can also be damaging to your home’s pipes and plumbing.
  • Magnesium and sulfur are fairly obvious when your water has a bad smell coming out with the water.
  • Calcium can give your water a brownish color, and it can be damaging to your sinks and tubs.

Advanced Water Softening: Delivering Clean Water Solutions to North New Jersey

At Advanced Water Softening, we know the importance of having clean water flowing from a home’s faucets. From smelly water to health-affecting organisms or pollutants, we have the solutions for our North New Jersey neighbors.

Free Water Testing

Claim Your FREE Water Test,” which you can quickly submit when you visit us online. When you test, you want to know bacteriological, mineral, organic chemicals, radiological, and heavy metals results. Once we get your water supply’s results, we will help you understand any problems you should, or may want to, address.

Our Services Cover Every Problem

We offer a variety of services. Every resident’s or business’ water supply is different, and we create a customized water softening solution for the problem, or problems, your water supply may have.

We’re Experts in Water Softening Solutions

Let the team, with years of experience, help you know what, if anything, is flowing in your water. Since 1976, we continue to deliver the highest-quality, water softening solutions to the North New Jersey area.

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We make sure our customers don’t have to wait when there is an emergency. It’s part of our commitment to deliver the best in customer support and service.

We’re Simply the Best

We are well-versed with the water problems in North New Jersey, and we offer only the highest-quality products so that our neighbors enjoy the benefits of clean and healthy water. If you need to know the quality of your water, we’re here to help you with the results and any solutions you may need or want.