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Why You Need a New Water Filter in 2020

Water has been in the news a lot this past decade. Starting with Flint, Michigan, stories about unclean water not safe for consumption feel like commonplace news alerts. Here in Northern New Jersey, homeowners have to contend with lead pipes, groundwater contamination, and hard water. This is true even for publicly provided water.

While the Suez treatment plant does a lot to keep residents supplied with clean water, outside factors can contribute to water contamination. Seasonal or weather-related flooding results in contaminants leaking into the water supply. Many of the pipes that deliver water to residents are lined with lead, improperly maintained, and have the potential to make water unsafe to drink. You can read more about lead in water, including a map of affected pipes, here. Lastly, no government-funded water treatment plant solves hard water. While hard water can be detrimental to your hair, skin, and the longevity of your clothes and household appliances, it isn’t illegal.

And if you have well water? You alone are responsible for its cleanliness.

Starting the New Year With Clean Water

The adage “New Year, New You” is common around the beginning of the year. However, what if something as simple as improving the water in your home could contribute to a healthier you? Most people take for granted that the water in their homes is drinkable. However, drinkable does not necessarily mean healthy. Simply installing a water softener system could contribute to a healthier you, and a healthier family. How?

Reduce Diseases

Filtered, clean water has many benefits. Having clean, soft water can reduce diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Some chemicals known to clean water are known carcinogens; filtering these chemicals out can help safeguard against cancer. These chemicals also lower immunity in many immuno-compromised people, leading to higher illnesses for those who do not have access to clean, safe water. Since water filter treatment plants are not capable of removing all of these chemicals, it is on the consumer to take additional safeguards.

Weight Loss

Filtered water also helps people lose weight. When water tastes clean and refreshing, you are more likely to reach for a glass of water over another, more sugary beverage. This obviously saves many calories but also helps keep you satiated, resulting in less food consumption overall. Clean water also helps your organs; your kidneys and liver do not have to work as hard when the water you consume is clean, allowing your body to function at its peak.


Having clean, soft water also helps your home be more efficient. Hard water contributes to harmful scale buildup. This buildup erodes appliances and plumbing, resulting in more frequently replaced water heaters, appliances, and showerheads. This also results in greater energy usage. For a more environmentally friendly home that runs more efficiently, invest in a water filtration system.

No matter what your New Year’s Resolution may be, ensuring you and your family have access to clean, safe water is a great move for both your physical and financial health.

Benefits of a Water Filter and Softener System

The benefits of a water softener system are incredible. A water filter extends the life of your appliances and clothes. It helps keep your hair and skin healthy and moisturized. Clean water contributes to your overall health, as well as being environmentally friendly and cost-effective. If your water comes from a well, it is almost guaranteed to have contaminants. Even water from a treatment plant has some contaminants that most people would choose to filter out if they knew about them. For more information, or to get a free water test today, contact us.