3 Skin Issues Caused by Hard Water

Besides corroding your plumbing system and leaving your glass, tiles, and silverware spotty and cloudy, hard water can cause skin issues. The mineral deposits in hard water tend to leave some noticeable and unpleasant changes to your skin such as excess dryness, flaky, and a dull lackluster appearance to it. Below, we take an in-depth look at some of hard water effects on the largest organ of your body:

Skin Issues Caused By Hard Water

Since hard water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, it can clog your pores and insufficiently clean excess sebum, creating the perfect breeding ground for a myriad of skin problems, namely:

1. Acne

Harsh minerals leave residue on virtually any drainage system, from pipes to your pores. Pores are tiny openings on the surface of your skin which hydrate your skin, release sweat to cool you down on hot days, as well as release excess sebum. Hard water causes scum from a combination of soap and minerals. These, in turn, end up in your pores and create the perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Look to no other culprit if you’ve been getting frequent and noticeable acne on your face.

To prevent acne breakouts, use specialized anti-acne cleansers and body washes, especially for those with sensitive skin.

2. Eczema

For those who are prone to Eczema breakouts, hard water can further exacerbate the condition. Along with damaging the skin’s protective barrier, hard water dries out your skin. The minerals in it make it difficult for water to dissolve substances such as detergents and soap, so when you wash, you may not rinse all the soap off your face. Soap and detergents aggregate with the minerals, causing your skin to dry out.

Even for normal skin, hard water can make your skin flaky and dull.

To curb this, use lukewarm water to wash your skin every time because hot water dries it further. Dab your skin with a soft cloth and immediately apply a gentle, rich moisturizer. Likewise, avoid cold hard water as it’s least likely to remove any dirt from your skin.

3. Premature Aging

As you’ve already seen, hard water mainly contains lead, calcium, iron, fluoride, and magnesium. These minerals not only corrode your skin but also, in the long-term, cause premature aging.  According to research, these minerals are known to break down collagen, which gives the skin elasticity and helps to keep it firm.  You can prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin by getting anti-aging creams and using collagen supplements.

Solutions for Hard Water

Hard water makes cleaning more difficult. It corrodes and clogs your plumbing system and causes skin issues. The best overall solution is to install a water softener or purifier in your home. A water softener works by removing chemical impurities from your water system. Further, a water purifier removes both chemical impurities as well as bacterial pathogens in your home water so that every tap in your house gets softened and/or purified water.

Soft water has a myriad of unexpected benefits which include taking care of your skin. Contact the nearest water consultants for any questions, to have your water tested for harsh chemicals, or to have a water treatment system installed or serviced.

  • Always use a gentle soap-free facial cleanser on your skin.
  • Use warm water on your skin. Avoid hot, cold, or frequent washing of your skin.
  • For acne and eczema-prone skin, use perfume-free moisturizers and soap.
  • Apply a rich moisturizer while your skin is still damp to lock in moisture.


To determine water hardness, a basic home test is to fill a bottle with water and put in 15-20 drops of soap. If you get minimal bubbles or a cloudy appearance, it means you have hard water. If you need an advanced and professional test you can contact any reputable water treatment dealers in your area.

Learn More About Skin Issues Caused By Hard Water

Here is your food for thought: if hard water leaves streaks on virtually all surfaces of your bathroom and kitchen, dries and weakens your hair, and corrodes the teeth, what then do you suppose it does to your skin?

Think about it and as you do, ensure to contact the best water dealers in your nearest town. If you’re in Northern New Jersey, then put your confidence in WaterCare today!