Water Filtration Benefits for the Environment

Installing a whole-home water filtration or purification system has more than a few benefits. You may quickly notice that water tastes better, feels better on your skin, and leaves less residue. You may notice even that food tastes better and it’s easier to clean with filtered water. But what about the benefits to the environment?

Many homeowners who are already considering water filtration don’t realize they’re also doing a favor to the local (and global) ecosystem. And not just because the water is cleaner. Today, we’re diving into interesting and beneficial ways that filtered water helps the environment.

Reduce the Use of Disposable Water Bottles

When the water at home tastes bad, we tend to buy bottled water to drink, but not anymore. Everyone knows that disposable water bottles are bad for the environment. They use up petroleum and clog up landfills. Even thrown away, they often blow out of outdoor trashcans to skitter over the streets. But with home water filtration, every tap can taste like clean, bottled water.

You can fill reusable water bottles to drink water on-the-go and enjoy water in clean glasses at home instead of pulling a disposable bottle from the fridge. Reduce plastic use by enjoying your home water filtration.

Clean Water for Gardening and Ground Water

Even better than filtered water at the sink is filtered water at your outdoor tap. Whole-home water filtering means even your outdoor taps will be pushing clean water. Municipal water that hasn’t been filtered or purified still contains a mix of minerals, chemicals, and additives that can be bad for your garden – chlorine and fluoride to be specific.

When all your home water is filtered before it leaves the tap, your garden hose and sprinklers are filtered, too. When you water the garden, your plants drink in that water, and what they don’t drink seeps into the groundwater below. With filtered water, your plants and ecosystem will be healthier. Additionally, you get to keep chlorine and fluoride out of the groundwater.

Fewer Chemicals Needed for Washing and Cleaning

Not only are you removing excess chemicals from your water, but you also use fewer chemicals at home. Water with fewer additives (cleaner, more filtered water) is also more interactive with soaps, shampoos, and cleaning chemicals. Just like soft water suds more easily, filtered water allows cleaning chemicals to reach their full potential without any additional interaction between water additives already in the water.

Reduced Time ‘Letting the Tap Run’

Last but not least, there’s the quality of water. In an older home, often you need to run the tap before the water is ready. While filtered water can’t immediately improve the state of your pipes, you can count on water being cleaner closer to the tap. Your water filter takes municipal water that may be carrying pipe rust and other long-distance contaminants and removes them. When it comes time to run clean water, you can guarantee that, in a few seconds, your water will be clear and ready to drink.

Learn More About How Water Filtration Benefits the Environment

If you are preparing to install a water filtration system in your home, you’re benefitting more than the family health or the taste of your water. You are also helping the environment. For more information about how filtered water improves the health of your body, your pets, your plants, and the world around you, or to consult on water filter installation, please contact us today!