Signs You’re Having a Water Quality Problem

Take a look at problems that occur when the water flowing into your home is tainted with an abundance of minerals that affect your daily life. Found on HuffPost, an informative resource on many topics, you will find an informative review of the signs that it’s time to invest in a water softening system.

  1. Appliances have a noticeable scale problem.
  2. People can develop dry and scaly skin.
  3. Clothes begin looking dull and discolored.
  4. Stains in sinks, showers, and tubs are dried mineral deposits.
  5. Continual plumbing problems may result from scale buildup too.
  6. Unusual and increasing water bill costs may be another result of scale-clogged pipes.
  7. Cloudy glassware is not appealing and can be a sign of “brittle and easily damaged” glass.

Hard Water Could Be Your Main Problem

Most likely, you have a hard water problem. Here is an informative article found on Plumber, that shares more information on hard water. As noted, “hard water is water that has a high level of dissolved minerals in it, especially calcium and magnesium. The quantity of minerals varies from source to source, and hard water can be found in municipal water systems as well as private wells.”

As this Plumber article points out, hard water “is not dangerous to drink, but it can lead to other problems.” Those other problems are what you have already read about in the above HuffPost article. If you’re experiencing one or more of these frustrating issues, hard water is probably the culprit.

And as stated, it’s recommended to have a water test if you suspect you have hard water, because you want to be able to “pinpoint the extent of the problem, or how many gpg (grains per gallon) the water contains.” You will want to get the appropriate, water softening system size, which is determined by the “gpg.” This article is an excellent resource to have the confidence that you’re getting the water softening system your home needs.

Another excellent resource is WaterCare, the company we trust, and the products we use. Along with a water “HARDNESS” problem, you will want to know if you have these other water contaminants: “IRON, PH/ACID, CHLORINE, and SULFUR.”

Harmful Water Problems You Want to Treat

Other concerning elements may also be flowing into your home’s water supply. Homes that are part of a municipal water system are treated for many harmful contaminants, as directed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

For anyone on private wells, testing is a necessity to know what is flowing from your in-ground well. You can also find an abundance of information on the EPA’s site that will help you better understand the importance of routinely testing your home’s water supply. You want to protect the health of everyone in your home.

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The Obvious Savings from a Water Softening System

When you tally up the effects of poor quality, well water, it makes sense that a water softening system will result in savings. Not to mention, the peace of mind to know that you and your family are consuming fresh, clean water.

WaterCare: The Company and Products We Trust for Our Customers

The team at Advanced Water Softening is proud to offer the products by WaterCare. Not only do we believe we are representing the best in water softening systems, we know that our customers are getting the “comfort, protection, and savings” they deserve from their investment. Under WaterCare’s “Resource” tab, our customers have a host of information to know they have made the best water softening investment.

Call your Advanced Water Softening team in the Northern New Jersey area for your free water testing. We’re here to deliver the best in water softening solutions that we know will make a difference in your home and in your savings.