None of us would exist without water. The necessary liquid makes up over 70% of the Earth’s surface and generally 55% to 65% of any given human body. We need water for hydration, cooking, cleaning, and more. A water softener can ensure that the quality is up to standard. Quality and content of the water are critical in determining the benefit we receive in all our needs requiring water.

The term hard water refers to ground or surface water that contains a high mineral content. Indeed, the minerals found in hard water include magnesium, calcium, and iron salts.

Though the minerals as mentioned above are required nutrients for the human body, when found in high levels in residential water sources they represent a health nuisance or even a danger. Thus, a water softener is needed.

How Hard Water Affects Skin

When you combine the Earth’s most essential and vast element with the body’s largest organ, the effects are both evident and secondary. The quality and usage of water affect us all on a daily basis:

  • Bathing, washing our hands and washing our hands all involve water.
  • We cannot survive without drinking water. Ironically, water that contains high amounts of necessary elements and even trace amounts of substances such as lead, arsenic, or fecal matter pose health threats of various degrees.
  • Cleaning our clothing and household surfaces requires water. The materials and surfaces often come directly in contact with our skin, again making water an important factor.

What Hard Water Does to Skin

An overabundance of minerals, both otherwise good and bad potentially affect the skin. These adverse effects range from mildly irritating to serious health issues and include the following:

  • Rashes and irritations result from direct bathing and the residue left on laundering clothing and linens.
  • Acne appears as a result of clogged pores brought on by high mineral content in the water.
  • Eczema and other skin conditions are at the very least exacerbated by hard water.
  • Childhood dermatitis appears as a result of soap scum.
  • Dry, itchy scalp and lifeless hair result from both irritation of the scalp and causing the scales of the hair to stand up making hair rough and tangled.

Cost of Hard Water

If you think you can’t afford a water softener treatment system, think again. The monetary and other costs associated with hard water far outweigh the cost of soft water.

Treatment Costs

  • More money spent on bath products and shampoo
  • Prescription and over the counter medications for rashes and other skin conditions
  • A trip to the dermatologist may cost from $100 to $200 per visit
  • More money spent on cleaning products
  • The discomfort of skin conditions:
  • Dry skin alone causes itching and discomfort
  • Rashes and skin irritations are painful and annoying
  • A dry, itchy scalp leads to dandruff and lifeless hair


  • An unsightly rash or acne causes embarrassment and may affect both your business and personal life
  • Pain and discomfort of skin conditions result in a distraction that takes away from productivity

Advantages of Soft Water

  • Laundry and cleaning take less detergent and less elbow grease when done with soft water. You will notice film and residue disappearing from clothing, dishes, and other surfaces.
  • Bathing and washing your hair will improve markedly. More manageable and healthier hair and softer skin often result in the use of soft water rather quickly.
  • Controversy exists on whether hard water or soft water represents the healthiest choice for drinking water. Though some of the minerals in hard water are essential, most of us get plenty of those minerals in our food or supplements. Even trace amounts of minerals sometimes found in hard water such as lead and arsenic represent a potential health hazard. Additionally, electrolytes added to water or beverages designed to replace electrolytes for serious athletes or those who have issues with dehydration are available.

In most cases, the amount of sodium that ends up in your water due to a softening system does not have an impact on your health. If a concern exists, a reverse osmosis system will remove sodium.

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