Finding a Resource to Learn about Water

Everything is at our fingertips with the internet’s vast library of information. Knowing where to look is probably the hardest part of it all with all the choices we have to read. Found on WebMD, there is an extensive write-up about the quality of drinking water in the United States. Unfiltered water has been found to contain numerous chemicals and contaminants as well as the excess minerals that create hard water.

Tap Water: City Water versus Well Water

City water supplies are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and city water must follow the strict standards set by the EPA. Water safety can be compromised from unexpected occurrences such as main water pipe breaks. It is vital that you adhere to the directions issued, such as boil water alerts, to keep your family safe from harmful contaminants.

Water from an underground well is not regulated by any standards, and it recommended that you frequently test your water to confirm it is safe for consumption. Be aware of those contaminants that may possibly leak into your well water system such as pesticides being used in your area.

Water Contaminants

  • “Microorganisms are bacteria and parasites” that originate from human or animal fecal matter.
  • “Crop spraying and industrial waste” will leave chemicals to soak into the ground.
  • “Fertilizer nitrates” are known to run off and mix into our waters.
  • “Lead and mercury” can naturally affect our water supplies, and they can also be dumped for easy and illegal dumping. Water running through old lead pipes carry the deposits that “leech off” the pipes.

Water Contaminants

Health Worries of Contaminants

  • “Cryptosporidium” – This pathogen causes a disease of the intestines that may be fatally harmful.
  • “Nitrates” are extremely dangerous to infants due to the digestive system not having the enzyme present as in older children.
  • “Lead” has been known to affect infants and children with their mental and physical development. Kidney problems may be found in adults with a history of consuming water tainted with lead.

Water Contamination in the United States

Flint, Michigan opened up many eyes across the United States. As found on Science, the information that the EPA has been compiling for years has been relayed out to everyone across the country.

It appears that safe drinking water is something that needs to be addressed for everyone across the country. From the research reported on UT NEWS, smaller towns and cities are not getting the attention needed to make improvements in their water supply.

Water Filter Systems Make a Difference

Returning to WebMD, how can you keep your home water safe for consumption? As this write-up recommends, the first step is to see if you have a problem. Get your water tested to know what contaminants you may have. Maybe, you only need to worry about hard water, which can be a problem for your dishes, laundry, skin, and appliances. But, you may live in an older home with lead pipes. It is critical to know if your water is carrying lead deposits.

As the article points out, there are different water filtering systems that handle the different problems. As it also states, once you install a water filtration system, you want to keep it properly maintained and use it as instructed. This is where a dependable company with expert knowledge can help you have clean and quality water at home.

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