With over 3 generations of experience, we learned how much a top-quality manufacturer matters when installing water softeners and water treatment solutions. At Advanced Water Softening, we don’t cut corners with cheap manufacturers or low-quality designs. We’re proud to work with Watercare® as our go to water treatment partner. Watercare® consistently builds state-of-the-art water softener systems that last. Watercare makes each appliance right here in the United States. Learn more about where we get our water softeners to decide if our products are right for you.

Efficienct and long-lasting

We chose Watercare® as our primary manufacturer because of their long-lasting, efficient products. The company keeps up with the latest technological advances, putting their products at the cutting edge of the industry. They balance high-efficiency results with products that are truly built to last. By creating extremely efficient products, this company extends the life of every appliance. Their Water Efficient Technology (better known as W.E.T.) sets them apart from their competition and ensures that you’ll save money with products that lasts longer than other water softeners. Watercare’s high quality standards and attention to detail fit with our company’s dedication to long-lasting solutions and reliable access to clean, healthy water. Learn how W.E.T. works!

Education-focused industry leaders

Watercare stands out among other manufacturers with its leadership and focus on education. These industry leaders share their knowledge with businesses everywhere to help their sellers truly understand the water treatment industry. Their knowledge of the latest innovations, designs, and best practices requires constant professional development and industry expertise. We’re confident in Watercare’s products because we know each appliance uses the latest technology, expertise, and innovation. A manufacturer with this dedication to education knows the best way to create long-lasting, top-quality appliances.

Money-saving technology for our customers

Each water softener produced by Watercare includes a highly advanced control system to fit your needs perfectly. In addition, the top-of-the-line cleaning features reduce problems with all your home appliances. With the amazing water quality of Watercare softeners, you’ll need less detergent, soap, and cleaners to successfully run your appliances. Select eco-friendly models reduce the amount of salt softeners and conditioners used in your water. These appliances even keep track of how much money you save!

Proven track record of success

We chose this manufacturer based on their long record of high quality products. Watercare® produces all their products entirely in the USA and diligently check them for quality. With over 60 years of industry-leading innovations, Watercare® is one of the best water softening companies on the market. This manufacturer’s years of experience and commitment to quality equipment and practices ensures your water softener will provide the cleanest water for many years.

Proven track record of success


Products that fit your lifestyle

We never settle for one-size-fits-all approaches to water treatment. With Watercare’s line of products, we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your needs. With Watercare’s technology, we tailor each water softener to your needs and individual water problems. Watercare® softener systems include an advanced controller that we fine-tune to meet your specific needs. In addition, most Watercare® systems monitor your water use and self-adjust to patterns and changes. Instead of a basic product that tries to match everyone’s needs while wasting energy and efficiency, you’ll get a water softener that’s tailored to your life.

At Advanced Water Softening, we take every step of the water treatment process seriously. This includes selecting a top-quality manufacturer for long-lasting results, money-saving technology, and the latest innovations. We don’t settle for manufacturers that produce less than the best-quality product for your needs. Rest assured that you’re getting the cleanest, safest water available with the best efficiency when you partner with us. To learn more about Watercare or for a free water analysis, please contact us today! Our experts are always ready to recommend the very best options for your needs.