Why Water Softening Increases Stay-at-Home Family Health.

The more time we spend at home, the more water we use. This is something we don’t often think about, but all the hours spend at work and school cause us to drink water, wash our hands, and sometimes even catch a shower away from home. However, all that has at least temporarily changed, making your family health even more important. With the nation-wide stay-at-home order, we’re all spending so much more time at home, which means more exposure to your home water.

With you and your entire family all at home together, all day every day, any problems your tap water might cause are increased tenfold. Hard water, for example, will become infinitely more noticeable and may even have a multiplied negative effect on your family. Today, we’re here to highlight the troubles you may suddenly be realizing related to hard water at home and how a water softener can increase your stay-at-home family health both today and in the long-run.

Constantly Washing Your Hands – Soft Water Is Less Skin-Drying

In an effort to remain safe and keep each other safe, it’s essential to wash hands regularly with hot water and soap. What we all soon discovered is that constant hand-washing is incredibly drying. Your hand skin may quickly begin to flake or crack, and this is even more alarming with children. But it’s not just the heat and soap. Hard water dries out your skin because of the chalky minerals within leech moisture. They also clog pores for face-washing as well.

Soft water, without the chalky minerals, is not drying and even leaves your hands feeling softer than when you began. This will also improve your experience with dry skin related to bathing and showering in hard water as well.

Household Cleanliness – Soft Water Makes Soap More Effective

You’re also likely cleaning the house a lot more than usual, both for virus safety and because you are home more hours of the day. If you clean the counters, floors, dishes, and so on with soap and water, the contents of your water really do matter. Hard water minerals actually prevent soap from sudsing and doing its cleaning job. So you will need more soap and more scrubbing to get the job done.

With soft water, your soap can work at it’s full capacity. This makes your home cleaning both easier and more effective, keeping your family safe with fewer scrubbing actions.

Staying Hydrated – Soft Water Tastes Better and Is Easier to Drink

It’s also important to stay hydrated, daily and to boost your family’s immune system. That may mean drinking a lot more of your home’s tap water. If you notice a chalky or pipe-flavored taste, that could be hard water making your water taste bad. It can be difficult to get adults to drink off-tasting water, much less children, even though hydration is very important.

Water softening eliminates that bad taste, both from ground-water minerals and particles picked up in the pipes along the way. Your home water will be tastier and more pleasant to drink (or mix into drinks) with those bad-tasting particles removed.

Home Cooking – Soft Water Improves the Taste of Soups and Sauces

Water taste also affects the taste and health of your home cooking. We are all cooking more at home right now, as eating away from home is no longer safe. Whether you’re a home chef or learning your first recipes, those meals will come out more enjoyably if you start with clean water. Soups and sauces, in particular, are highly affected by the contents of your water. Metal in the water can make it bitter. Minerals can make it chalky. Some contaminants even change the color and flavor of meals.

Soft water is free of contaminants that would ruin your dishes or make your soups taste funny. Not only is this better for enjoyment, it’s also healthier for your family not to be exposed to those additional particles from the tap water in each meal you cook at home.

Family Health – Water Softening Removes Some Harmful Particles

Speaking of health, water softening focuses mainly on mostly-harmless minerals like calcium and magnesium that commonly make water hard and leave a chalky residue. But the softening process also removes a small amount of other, more harmful, particles like iron rust from the pipes that may discolor and bitter your water.

Water Softening for Stay-at-Home Family Health

If you and your family are cooking, hydrating, and washing at home like the rest of the nation, the quality of your water makes an important difference. Soft water makes soap more effective, helps prevent dry skin, and improves the taste and health of your water. If your home taps run hard water, then a home water softening unit can significantly improve the health and home experience of your family during this stay-at-home venture.

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