This article is a little bit different from the topics we typically cover. We always want to share with you all the information possible about why it’s important to have a water softener installed and why you should upgrade your water. We still strongly believe in that and obviously highly suggest it! However, for this blog, we wanted to cover another way of upgrading, and that’s remodeling your bathroom to showcase your clean, softened water!

Once homeowners have a water softener installed, they often remodel a bathroom as an investment to increase a home’s value before putting it on the market. Others simply want to upgrade their lifestyle. Whatever the reason, bathroom remodels top the list for home improvement projects that offer a great return on investment.

When it comes to choosing fixtures and add-on features, it is easy to become overwhelmed. How is a person to choose? It’s easy to start browsing online for something like “sinks”. You find yourself clicking on what’s trending and, before you know it, it’s four hours later and you’re immersed in the ancient history of Jacuzzi bathing. Here’s a guide to simplify a search for the most common elements of a bathroom upgrade.

Bathroom Sinks

  • Trending: Undermount Sink – Installation beneath countertops results in a modern, sleek appearance that is easier to keep clean. The only option for single slab counters, the growing popularity of quartz and other stone counters is driving this trend.

Undermount Sink

  • Most Popular: Drop-In Sink – One reason the traditional drop-in sink remains popular is easy installation. For many, a bathroom remodel is a DIY job. The easier the better when it comes to installation of selected components. Drop-in designs can be found in a variety of shapes, colors and materials. As a sink-only product, it’s easy to customize with a faucet style of choice.

Drop in Sink

  • High-End: Vessel Sinks – Lovers of bathroom luxury are opting for sinks that are decorative statement pieces. It’s like having a work of art for washing up. Resting atop counters, elegant vessels of glass, fine china, or carved stonework are as gorgeous as they are functional.

Vessel Sinks

Bathroom Faucets

  • Trending: Efficient – Trending faucet sales are about water conservation, featuring fixtures that are water efficient. Homeowners save money while helping to save the planet. They come in all styles from traditional farmhouse spigot to sleek, modern, stainless steel.

Trending Efficient

  • Most Popular: Single Hole Mount – Simplicity and affordability keep the single-hole mount bathroom faucet a bestseller. Popularity means a variety of choices for finishes and styles to suit everyone. Anyone can find a style that matches a remodel budget, whether that budget is bare bones or can afford the best that money can buy.

Single Hole Mount

  • High-End: High-Tech – Modern technology delivers a faucet that kills bacteria, is motion-activated and splashless. Smart technology also gives amazing accuracy with temperature control. Those with immune deficiencies will appreciate timer features that automatically shut off water flow. Wash your hands without picking up the germs left behind by someone else. Just wash and walk away.

Luxury Tap

Shower Fixtures

  • Trending: Rain Showerhead – Perhaps all this green living inspiration has bathers longing to channel nature in the shower. Yes, get a rain showerhead and let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. It’s soothing, elegant and stimulating to the skin’s senses.

Rain Showerhead

  • Most Popular: Wall Mount – The basic, but highly functional, wall-mounted showerhead is still the most widely purchased shower fixture on the market. Because of their consistent popularity, there is essentially a limitless selection of styles and finishes that are affordably priced.

Wall Mount Shower

  • High-End: Smart Showers – Welcome to the smarter shower enclosure that doubles as an invigorating steam room. Improve your health and your hygiene at the same time.

Smart Showers


  • Trending: Infinity Bath – Once infinity pools got popular, we all should have seen this trend coming for bathtubs. Turn a bath into a spa experience with the illusion of an overflowing bathtub. It creates an effervescent feature to the water as it continuously circulates during a relaxing soak.

Infinity Soaking Tub

  • Most Popular: Pedestal Tub – The tried-and-true design of a pedestal bathtub continues to withstand the test of time. Easy installation of affordable elegance even when designing on a dime. Modern silhouettes and features enhance the trusted appeal of what can no longer be considered the old-fashioned option.

Pedestal Tub

  • High-End: Jacuzzi Bathtub – Jacuzzi bathing is the ultimate hygiene, health and spa experience. Install your own Jacuzzi tub and this luxury becomes completely private and available on-demand.

Jacuzzi Bathtub

Upgrade Your Water

There is one common thread that ties together every bathroom remodel component – water. Don’t just upgrade your bathroom components. Upgrade your water. Installing an in-house water purification system is essential for getting the most out of a bathroom remodel project:

  • Clean, filtered water emerges from every water source.
  • Steam in an enclosed bathroom is free of harmful chlorine vapors.
  • Chlorine, along with other harmful trace chemicals, no longer comes into contact with skin while washing and bathing.
  • Bathroom fixtures remain cleaner with less build-up of mineral residue.
  • Without mineral deposit build-up, bath fixtures and toilets last longer and perform better.

If you are planning a bathroom remodel in the future, add a whole-house water purification system to your list. Your health will thank you. Should you sell your home in the future, your pocketbook will also thank you. For more information on the latest in whole-house water softening technology, please contact us!