How soft water can help winter dry skin and hairWhen looking to escape the harsh winter season, you might think about grabbing an extra blanket or a space heater. What you may have forgotten to put on your winter wish list is a water softener! If you’re confused about how a water softener can help you through a rough winter, keep reading.

Why Are My Skin and Hair So Dry in Winter?

Cracked, flaky, irritated, or inflamed skin is common during winter, though it’s not at all fun. Your skin feels dryer in the winter months and that is because there is less moisture in the air than in the summer months. Air has the capacity to hold water. The warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold. Think about how the humidity feels during the summer months.

The colder the air, the dryer your skin. In the winter, your body will naturally try and hold onto as much moisture as possible. Maybe you know the long-term effects of dry skin – those dreaded wrinkles and fine lines. The mix of chilly air, blow dryer heat, interior heating, and strong winds can cause hair to become dry, brittle, and tangly in the winter. Hard water is also known to dry up your hair, so the combination of all of these variables can result in a lot of split ends and breakage.

Why Soft Water Is Better for Maintaining Healthy-Looking Skin

Here is why soft water is better for maintaining healthy-looking skin:

Better Cleaning

One of the biggest advantages of having a water softener installed in our home is the fact that soft water is better for cleaning. That goes for your clothes and dishes as well as your skin. Soft water makes it easier to form a sudsy lather, and it makes it easier to rinse the soap away. That means your soap works more efficiently and you aren’t left with that pore-clogging soap scum residue.

Fewer Soap Products

Soft water requires less soap and fewer rinses to achieve optimal results, making it easier to rinse the soap away. Soft water also balances your skin’s pH level, so you’re left with hydrated smooth skin after every wash.

Improves Certain Skin Conditions

Hair and skin aren’t just for looking pretty — they’re required for specific bodily functions, too. It’s important to keep these in good condition and working well all year long so they can do their jobs and keep us healthy and safe.

Soft water can help to reduce topical issues such as eczema and acne skin. In fact, after installing a water softener, you may not need to purchase that expensive body wash and lotion you thought you needed. Soft water helps to get rid of irritation and improves the health of your skin.

Although you can make changes to your current skincare routine to combat the impact of hard water, having a water softening system in your house makes life much easier. Soft water is an easy solution to help you look and feel your best this holiday season. Hardness minerals are removed from all of your taps and faucets by water softeners, leaving you with silky hair and soft skin.

Will a Water Softener Be Helpful During Winter?

Simply stated, yes. Softening your water will help your dry skin, hair, and lips. Hard water contains high mineral content (calcium, magnesium, and iron) which can distress both your hair and skin. One simple solution is to install a water softener. By having soft water, you can eliminate the grooming problems from hard water.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of softened water, you should speak to a professional specialist at Advanced Water Softening. An experienced technician will test your water supply to determine your water hardness and any other contaminants present. They can also advise you on the best treatment solution that suits you. Look to us for an array of water system options to ensure you always have access to sparkling clean, healthy water. Contact us today for better water.