Want to Save Plastic? How a Reusable Bottle and Filtration System can Help

Disposable plastic water bottles without a filtration system have a considerable impact on the environment. Not only do they end up in landfills, or as litter, but producing them uses a lot of oil. A million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world and it’s only getting worse.

Because of this, a lot of people have switched to reusable bottles. Reusing a disposable bottle a few times is not recommended because chemicals can leach from the bottle.

How Does a Reusable Water Bottle Help Both You and the Environment?

Here are some reasons using a reusable bottle helps  not just the environment but you:

  1. A reusable bottle will last years, replacing all of the plastic bottles you might have used. If you get one designed for backpacking, it will be a great investment.
  2. It’s a lot cheaper in the long run than buying bottled water. Most of us spend about $5 a week on bottled water. Your reusable bottle can be refilled with tap water at home or from a water fountain when on the road. (Bottle refilling stations have become more and more common.
  3. The bottle doesn’t contain BPAs or other harmful chemicals that can leach into the water. This is, as mentioned, more of a problem if you reuse a disposable bottle a few times, as some people might do to save money.
  4. You can get a reusable water bottle that fits your personal style, whatever that may be. They come in numerous designs and colors. You can get special ones for your kids, too. You can get ones that clip onto bikes, ones that come in their own holster, etc.
  5. Your water bottle can also be used to hold juice, beer, etc. Get an insulated one and you can do both hot and cold drinks.
  6. Some bottled water companies aren’t particularly caring of the environment or where the water comes from.
  7. Cost may make you drink less water than you need for good health.

So, owning a good reusable bottle or two can help you at home, on the road, and when traveling. It’s good for the environment and better for you.

Where Do Water Filtration Systems Fit In?

The downside of a reusable bottle is that you’re dependent on the quality of the available tap water. This might not be something you can fix on the road, but at home?

Having a good water filtration and softening system greatly improves the taste of your tap water. For many people, a whole house system is preferable, but if you have a lower budget you can filter only the kitchen tap and use that as your primary water source. Use a sodium-free water softener to ensure that your water does not have a high level of salt in it, ensuring that you drink enough. A reverse osmosis purification system is the gold standard for health and financial benefits, as well as for taste.

In other words, using a reusable bottle saves you a lot of money, and a filtration system and softener helps ensure that your tap water is, if anything, better than what you might buy. (In fact, a lot of bottled water is just filtered tap water and, thus, a complete waste of money; you’re paying only for the convenience of not having to fill and clean a bottle.

If you are concerned about the environment, then you should be using a reusable water bottle. If you want to maximize your benefit, then you also need water filtration and softening systems in your home to make your tap water taste good and be free of any contaminants. To find out more about how filtration systems and sodium-free water softeners can improve the taste and quality of the water in your come, contact Advanced Water Softening today.