drinking from a reusable water bottle

A woman holding a bottle of water at the gym.

When you need water on the run, disposable water bottles may seem like the best choice. They are easy to find and are convenient to use. However, in the long run, it’s much better to use a reusable bottle. Reusable water bottles let you have higher quality water, save you money, and help the environment.

Here are several reasons why you should use reusable water bottles:

It Saves You Money

Every time you buy bottled water it costs you money. Even for the smallest bottle of water, you are spending over a dollar.  Drink one of these a day and you are spending several hundred dollars a year. Not only are you spending a ton of money, but you are also buying water that might have come from an unfiltered tap.

Instead of buying bottled water every time you are thirsty, fill up your reusable water bottle. Each time you fill it up, it costs pennies, not dollars. And because you control the water quality, you know you are getting the best value and the highest quality water.

You Know Where Your Water Is Coming From

When you buy bottled water, you are trusting that you are getting pure water.  But how do you know?

First of all, public water supplies are regulated by federal and state law. Disposable plastic bottles are not. As a result, you don’t know exactly how that water was stored or treated.

Second, think all bottled water comes from a pure spring? It doesn’t. A 2018 study found that 64% of all bottled water comes from a tap. Have you ever seen a label on a disposable plastic bottle that clearly states that you are buying tap water?  It might take some research to figure out exactly where that water is coming from.

Because it isn’t clear where the water is coming from, you don’t know the source of the water or how it is handled.  It might be fine or it might not – you don’t know. But why take the chance when there are cheaper and higher quality options?

When you fill-up your reusable water bottle at home, you know exactly where the water is coming from. You know the local water source and you can add your own water filtration system to ensure you are getting the highest quality water.

It’s Healthier

Disposable plastic bottles often times can add harmful chemicals to your water. If the water has been in the plastic bottle for a long time or the bottle has been out in the sun for a while, those chemicals may end up in your water.

Avoid this problem with a reusable water bottle. Not only can you choose high-quality filtered water, but you can also choose a reusable bottle made of glass, metal, or other materials that don’t add harmful chemicals or a funny taste.

Helps the Environment

Plastic bottles have a huge environmental impact. Each year, we use nearly 50 million gallons of oil to produce disposable water bottles and these bottles account for 1.5 million tons of plastic waste.

Also, we don’t recycle every plastic bottle we use. Often times, there is no recycling around us and we don’t want to carry an empty plastic bottle for the next two hours. As a result, that bottle ends up in a landfill.

Minimize the environmental impact of disposable water bottles by using your own reusable water bottle.

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Using reusable bottles instead of disposable plastic bottles is one way to improve your water quality. If you are looking for other ways, contact us today! We offer a wide variety of products and services that will improve the quality of your drinking water and make it as fresh and clean as possible.