Why We Recommend Watercare Water Softener Systems

Hard water, which is full of dissolved minerals, especially calcium and magnesium can have a dramatic impact on everything. Your personal hygiene, laundry, dishes, appliances, and even your plumbing are affected. You might feel a slimy residue on your hands after washing with soap and water, stains on fabrics, spots on your glassware, minerals in your coffee pot, or corrosion around the pipes. With advanced Watercare water softener systems, your water will be free from mineral deposits, but that’s only one reason we recommend them.

Watercare Water Softener Systems Is the Name to Remember

While you can certainly find a water softener made by another company, Watercare is the industry leader. They’ve been around for more than 60 years and it shows. Their innovative water softening systems set the bar for performance, durability, and efficiency. Advanced technology along with eco-friendly features make Watercare the best water softening systems on the market.

Watercare Water Softener Systems to Suit Your Needs

Every home and commercial building is unique and the hardness of the water varies. That’s why one water softener style won’t work for everyone. Watercare’s Caresoft Series® of water softeners offer a variety of solutions based on your specific needs.

CareSoft Elite®

This is the most technologically advanced water softener offered by Watercare. It boasts high-performance resin to filter out even the toughest mineral content. With a number of configurations to choose from, Wripli® Wi-Fi technology, and water efficiency technology W.E.T.™, these water softeners are the best you can get. With options that include both carbon and resin filters, twin units for day and night coverage, and a cabinet model that maximizes your space, this water softener series should be at the top of your wish list.

CareSoft Pro®

Using the same high-quality resin as the Elite line, this water softening system is more than capable of softening even the hardest water. With the addition of Watercare’s Water Efficient Technology™, it will help you save on water and salt while providing maximum efficiency. What’s really great about this line of softeners is that it can be used as a standard resin water softener, a split-tank resin/carbon version, or as twin units to provide 24-hour water treatment.


Value and performance is what this line of water softeners is all about. Designed to perform to the same high standards as the Pro and Elite models, this water softener delivers on the promise. Its high-capacity resin filtering system will reduce the hardness in your water. You’ll notice a huge improvement when you shower, your clothes will be cleaner and brighter, and your glasses will sparkle. The compact CareSoft® cabinet option means you won’t have to give up valuable space in your home or building, but you’ll still get the same beautiful, clean water.

You Deserve the Best Water Softener Services

Advanced Water Softening has been helping families and businesses in Northern New Jersey with their hard water issues since 1976. We know that a water softener, especially Watercare Water Softener Systems, can make all the difference in the world and that’s why we recommend Watercare products to all our customers. They’re simply the best and we believe that’s what you deserve.

Schedule a No-Contact Water Test Today

Are you concerned about hard water? If so, contact us today to schedule a no-obligation, no-contact water test today. All you have to do is fill a container with water and leave it outside for us to pick up. We’ll test the water and send you the results. No pressure, no hard sales tactics. If you do, indeed, have hard water, we’ll work with you to choose the right water softener. You can rest assured that our licensed technicians will expertly install your new water softener. Then, we’ll be here to keep it running smoothly.