Close up of a woman washing her hair while showering in the morning.

Close up of a woman washing her hair while showering in the morning.

Have you ever gone on a road trip and brought your usual shampoo? Have you noticed that even when you use your favorite products, your hair feels different when you’re not in Jersey anymore?

Northern New Jersey has a reputation for hard water. The water piped into your home may not be as clean and fresh as you imagine. Advanced Water Softening is here to help! With this article, we’re going to explain exactly what hard water is. We’ll talk about how it affects your household health. Finally, we’ll explain how our water softening systems can bring improved health and beauty to your entire family. But first, let’s get scientific!

What Is Hard Water?

No tap water is pure, distilled H2O. And that’s not a bad thing. Our bodies need the trace minerals found in most drinking water, and some Northern New Jersey water companies fluoridate our drinking water, to improve oral health. (The jury is still out on that, by the way. You can read more about the effects of fluoride in drinking water here).

The US Geological Survey defines water hardness as “the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water.” You have hard water if:

  • Your hands still feel slimy after washing them with soap and rinsing well
  • Drinking glasses get a film of calcium after a few washes
  • Get mineral buildup on faucets and showerheads
  • Bathtub gets an accumulation of “soap scum” quickly
  • Water heater elements, and the heating element in your dishwasher, fail early due to a calcium buildup
  • Your hair is dry and brittle
  • Skin and scalp are itchy after a bath

Northern New Jersey’s hard water has a reputation for being hard on skin and hair!

Does Hard Water Affect Your Hair?

Interestingly, while performing research for this article, we found peer-reviewed scientific articles pointing in both directions. Some studies prove that hard water does damage human hair. Others claim it does not.

For instance, The Institute of Trichology published this research article in 2013, after testing the tensile strength of hair washed in hard water vs. washed in distilled water. In a nutshell, they proved that hard water does not affect the strength of human hair, after washing it for 30 days.

We also looked at articles about hard water and hair loss. We’ve found that scalp irritation and calcification on the scalp can undoubtedly affect the quality of your hair, making it brittle or breakable. Hard water can also make us scratch at our itchy scalps, which tugs out healthy hairs.

So, while hard water may or may not be damaging your hair, it’s definitely damaging your scalp.

Hard Water Is Unhealthy for Your Family’s Scalps

If you’re responsible for your family’s health and well-being, know that hard water isn’t doing them any favors in the beauty department!

  • Hard water may cause thinning hair
  • Dry, itchy scalps can lead to dandruff and even scabbing
  • Hard water leads to dry, flaky, itchy skin all over

Hard Water Will Affect How Your Hair Feels and How Much Effort You Need to Put Into Styling It

Industry experts say:

  • Hair washed in hard water is more challenging to style, as the hairs don’t take the shape of a brush or round brush well.
  • Salon “blowouts” are more difficult to achieve and don’t retain their beauty for as long.
  • Hard water and well water can cause extra frizz and make it less manageable.
  • Colored hair fades and turns brassy faster when washed in hard water, regardless of the products you use.

Better Hair For Northern New Jersey Families

Northern New Jersey’s hard water issues stem from the amount of limestone in the local grounds. Calcium seeps from the limestone down into our water table every time it rains, and when the snow melts.

Thankfully, we live in the modern age of technology, and NJ residents have access to plenty of beauty products designed specifically for dry hair, like:

  • Bazaar Magazine’s “12 Best Deep Conditioners
  • Conditioning glazes available at any salon
  • 7 DIY Hair Masks” by Good Housekeeping Magazine

Once you consider the continual ongoing expenses involved with many of these care routines, you might look for an easier option and purchase a water softening system. Compared to a year of hair balms, deep conditioning treatments, and masks, it practically pays for itself!


At Advanced Water Softening, our family-owned company has its roots in a one-room office in the New Jersey home of our president, Lou Murino. Since 1976 we’ve been winning the battle against hard water, and today we’re one of the most prominent water softening services in all of Northern New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more about how our water softeners can make your family even more beautiful.