Pouring water from home filtration into a glass

Pouring clear filtered water from a water filtration jug into a glass on the green summer garden background in a warm sunny summer day

Having clean water at home is important, but some times of year it’s more useful than others. During the summertime, water is even more vital to health and family happiness than ever. Summer is when the whole family works hard to stay hydrated. Summer is when mud and grass stains are tracked into the house and when you shower more often to beat the heat. Your family might even fill a swimming pool or play in the sprinklers.

This is why a home water filtration system is so useful for your home and family in the summer. Let’s dive into the top five benefits of filtering your home water when the temperatures rise and school is out.

Good-Tasting Water to Stay Hydrated All Summer

The most important thing about your tap water in the summer is staying hydrated. This is harder to do when your tap water doesn’t taste good. If you can’t just fill a cup and gulp it down, then you may lose water throughout the day instead and become dehydrated. Poor-tasting tap water even does drink mixes poor service.

With filtered water, you will be able to stay hydrated much more easily. By filtering the water for your entire home, you can enjoy clean, tasty tap water all over the house. Every time you brush your teeth or get a glass of water from the bathroom, it will be clean and filtered, just like the filtered water in your kitchen. All without the hassle of a pitcher filter to be constantly refilled.

Clean Water to Play In

If you have children, pets, or a childish heart, then summer is also a time for playing in the water. Set out the sprinklers or even just loose the hose connected to an outside water spigot. Of course, this water is only as clean as your tap water and the hose. You can clean a hose by running sanitizing liquid through it. But you can’t clean your water in the spigot without a filtration system.

Filtering the water in your whole home makes it possible to play in clean, filtered water. No need to worry about what the water is doing to your skin or the risk of getting it in your eyes when the whole home’s water is filtered.

Showers That Leave Your Skin Feeling Fresh

Summer is also a time to take more showers than usual. Depending on where you live and your summer lifestyle, you might need two showers a day. With hard water, this can dry your skin out and leave pore-clogging mineral deposits. With unfiltered water, there may even be toxins in your water and it’s a poor idea to shower long or often.

Whole home water filtration offers more than just a kitchen sink filter. Even the water from your shower will be clean, which means better skin and hair health for many summer showers to come.

No Residue When You Clean

Filtered water also doesn’t leave behind a residue when you clean, and cleaning is a big part of summer. Whether you enjoy sports or the younger members of your family are tracking in the dirt, there’s more than a little mopping and wiping down to do during the summer. With filtered water, that cleaning won’t leave behind white scaly residue or other unpleasant buildup that is often found in unfiltered local tap water.

Not Worrying When Kids Swallow Sprinkler Water

Finally, filtered water lets you rest at ease if you have children or pets. When your kids play in the sprinkers outside or have a water-balloon fight, you don’t have to worry if they swallow a little water. In a super-soaker fight, it won’t be a problem if a little water gets into someone’s eyes, mouth, or even up their nose. Because the water is already filtered, it’s perfectly safe to play in, bathe in, clean with, and sometimes accidentally swallow.

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