The Benefits of Installing a Water Filtration Unit

When you are unsatisfied with your water quality, installing a water filtration unit may be the solution. In this post, we will discuss what a whole house water filtration unit is and how it works. Here are the tangible benefits of installing such a system.

What Is a Water Filtration Unit?

Most people are aware of the filtration units that attach to a kitchen faucet. The purpose of these types of portable units is to filter out unwanted particles to improve the water’s taste. While these units improve the tap water’s taste, they allow less-than-ideal water to infiltrate many appliances and fixtures.

A whole house water filtration unit is a device that can be installed within a home or a business’s water supply. These units are installed within the plumbing lines — typically placed after the main water supply line that comes into a building, but before the water lines supply other areas of the home such as the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen areas.

How Does It Work?

Water filtration units have internal filter cartridges that capture and prevent unwanted particles from reaching all appliances and fixtures. The great thing about a whole house filtration unit is that it improves the water quality of all faucets within the structure, along with the water supply lines utilized by the showers, toilets, laundry appliances, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances within the structure.

Of course, it’s always easier to add additional features to a structure during the building process. However, it is also possible to add a whole house water filtration unit to an existing home or business. The only maintenance required for the units is to change the internal filter cartridges on a regular basis. The filter cartridges’ prices are very reasonable — not much more than the filter cartridges used for kitchen faucet units.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

Most people want to add a whole house water filtration system to improve their drinking water. However, depending upon the water’s quality, a whole house water filtration extends appliances’ lives. By removing unwanted sediment, chemicals, and other particles from the water supply, these types of appliances will experience less wear and tear. Indeed, the internal components because they will have cleaner water flowing throughout their structures.

Along with extending the life of expensive appliances and fixtures throughout a home or business, improving the taste of a building’s water supply likely means less money spent on bottled water. If someone wants a glass of pure and refreshing water, they simply fill a glass. Indeed, with a whole house filtration unit, having access to clean water is just that easy.


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