If you are expecting, you may already have a long list of must-haves for the new baby. A water softener and whole house filtration system is probably not one of them but it should be. Here are just a few reasons why.

More Laundry to Do

Baby clothes are small, but that does not mean your laundry won’t practically double. Hard water can wreak havoc on your pipes, so a sudden increase in laundry could make repairs inevitable. In many cases, the price of repairing damaged pipes could actually be more than the cost of a new water softener.

And that added laundry will come with its own challenges; after all, removing formula and spit-up stains isn’t easy. The best way to remove infant stains is to wash all your clothes in soft water. Doing so will help you eliminate those hidden stains that might show up on your own garments as well.

The need for a water softener is especially important when using cloth diapers. Hard water can leave them stiff and scratchy-something that definitely won’t make your little one happy. Washing cloth diapers (and other items such as blankets, sheets, and towels) in soft water will make them feel silky and smooth against your baby’s skin.

Improves Eczema in Infants

Perhaps the most remarkable need for a water softener has nothing to do with the laundry at all. According to research from the United Kingdom, a water softener can actually improve eczema, which now affects up to 20 percent of all newborns.

In 2009, Annie Flanagan participated in a study along with her young son Dillan. For 12 weeks, she used a water softener in her home to bathe and care for baby Dillon. What she found was that after only two weeks, Dillon’s eczema sores began to heal and he was finally able to sleep at night.

Prior to using the water softener Annie had tried 16 different medications, yet nothing seemed to prevent breakouts. The sores were so bad that Dillon would scratch himself until his skin bled. Six months after installing the water softener, his mother claimed that he was virtually eczema free, and was living a carefree, happy life.

Whole House Water Softener

A whole-house filtration system that softens water and removes lead and other contaminants is what families with young children really need. Your infant’s health depends on having fresh, clean water for preparing and sterilizing bottles. After all, residue containing chlorine, fluoride, or other chemicals can linger on bottles, nipples, and pacifiers, and might inadvertently be ingested.

Having a whole-house filtration system is especially important if you plan to can or make your own baby food. Ensure your produce is freshly washed and that no harmful chemicals are added-only pure nutrition for the life and health of your little one.

Whole house water softener

The Whole Family Benefits

Most new baby purchases are bought only with the infant in mind. On the other hand, a whole-house water softener is something everyone in the family can benefit from. And unlike other items that are used only a little while and then discarded, a water softener/filtration unit will last for years. As such, your child can continue to benefit from it during his or her most crucial growing years. With so many benefits, a new softener should be at the top of every expectant mother’s wish list.

Water Softeners are the Perfect Gift

Are you expecting a little one or know someone who is? A water softener will make the perfect gift for that brand new addition. Contact us  today so the whole family can begin reaping the benefits.