5 Actions You Can Take to Save Water This Summer

The onset of summer triggers the need to use more water. That includes filling up your pool, watering your lawn and flowers, household use, among other things. For that reason, increased use of water in the summer can push your utility bill through the roof. Wastage of water over summer is also possible because of the increased demand. As such, finding ways to save water in the summer is the best option if you want to cut on your monthly expenses. Saving water contributes to environmental sustainability too. Here are some of the actions you can take to save water this summer.

1. Consider Investing in a Water Filtration System/Softener

Installing a water filtration system/softener allows you to store water for future use. The implication, in this case, is that you will reduce or prevent wastage of water during summer and beyond. As a result, you will not only have a sufficient supply of water over summer, but you will also maximize this resource while mitigating the chances of wasting the same through a water filtration system/softener.

Additionally, water filtration reduces the demand for plastic bottles. So, by filtering the water you use, you will conserve both this resource and the environment. The reason is that water filtration systems/softeners reduce the number of plastic bottles that people use. Such plastic water bottles contribute to the degradation of the environment in various ways.

2. Water at Night or Early in the Morning

Keeping plants alive during summer will require you to use a lot of water. However, you can reduce the amount of water you use on your lawn, flowers, and garden over summer by adjusting the time you do the watering. Opting to water the vegetation around your home when it is cool during summer is advisable because it saves water.

The nights and early mornings are the coolest during summer, and that is when you should water your garden, flowers, and lawn. By doing so, you will allow the vegetation to absorb much of the water since the rate of evaporation at night and early in the morning is quite low during summer.

3. Maintain Longer Grass

Ensuring grass remains green over summer can be a challenge if your lawn lacks sufficient water supply. At the same time, conserving water over this period is not an option. In that case, keeping grass longer during summer is a wise idea. When the grass on your lawn is slightly longer, it stays green during summer, and the amount of water you use on it reduces as well.

Consider raising the clippers a level when mowing your lawn over summer to cut the grass longer so you can save on water.

4. Prioritize Car Wash Services

Washing your car at home will not only increase your utility bill, but it can also result in the wastage of water during summer. Opting to go to the car wash is a wise idea because it puts money back into your pocket. The other benefit of going to the car wash is that most of these service providers recycle water. That means that paying for car wash services during summer will prove pocket-friendly, and it saves on water too.

5. Make Some Upgrades

If your plumbing fixtures and home appliances are outdated, they can waste a lot of water over summer. That is as a result of leaks or the amount of water they allow to flow out or use at any one time. Making a few upgrades on your plumbing fixtures and home appliances saves water.

Some of the upgrades you can consider in this case include ultra-efficient washing machines and dishwashers, low-flow showerheads and toilets, more efficient water heaters, among others.


Making necessary adjustments and investments goes a long way towards conserving both water and the environment. Adopting the ideas above will help you save water this summer. If you need more information on saving water in the summer, contact us today!