You could be looking to upgrade your water filtration system or maybe get a whole new water filtration system altogether. It is crucial that you go for a more robust and thorough water purification system for your home, more so for your drinking water.

Water softeners can do a very commendable job at making your water safe for drinking. Well, commendable is not enough, and for the premium quality of drinking water, you need a more advanced water purifier, and this is where a reverse osmosis water purification system comes in handy. What is it that reverse osmosis does that water softeners cannot do? We look at the answers below:

#1 Gets rid of Lead

Any traces of lead in your water can be very harmful both for kids and adults. A study reveals that led can severely interfere with the development of the brain and the nervous system in children. It also increases the risks of kidney failure and high blood pressure in adults. The harmful effects of lead are not new to the residents of Northern New Jersey or other cities of the United States. No one wants to be a part of these statistics; the more reason you need a reverse osmosis system in your home.

#2 Low maintenance costs

You are not likely to experience any maintenance headaches with a reverse osmosis system. To keep the system working at optimum levels, all you may need to do is find a replacement for the filters bi-annually. The filters are a breeze to replace, but just in case you are not sure, seek the help of a professional.

#3 As good as bottled water

Bottled water manufacturers use reverse osmosis to produce the premium quality of water that we like.

For this reason, you will not have to go for bottled water anymore while you can make use of this system in your house and get your household the purest quality of water at every faucet,  and at very competitive prices.

#4 Rids your water of Sodium

The adverse health effects of sodium can be as severe as lead’s. Eliminating sodium from your water is one of the major benefits you are going to reap from going for reverse osmosis. High levels of sodium deposits in your water cause health complications such as liver issues, kidney disease, and hypertension. Water softeners go a long way in making water safe for drinking, but only to some extent.

#5 You save on space

Reverse osmosis filtration systems are relatively smaller in size and can fit into small corners and spaces in your home. They can be installed under sinks or other squeezed areas around the house. Yes, there are bigger systems if you need one; the only difference is reverse osmosis systems come in different shapes and sizes.

#6 You’ll love the taste of your water

Woman drinking water

There is the natural taste of water, and then there is the taste that is enhanced by tiny mineral particles present in water. For those that love the natural flavor of water, reverse osmosis is the way to go. It restores the natural taste of your water by removing the almost negligible, but ever-present taste of iron that infiltrates your water.


#7 Saves you money

Who in the world doesn’t love cutting costs?  It is a refreshing feeling to find out that you can further cut down your spending on energy bills if you are already running energy-efficient systems in your home. Reverse osmosis water filtration uses less energy in comparison to other water systems. You will be happy you chose this option over others.

If you would like to get more information on water quality, safety, and filtration methods, please feel free to do so by getting in touch with our professionals. We are always willing to assist and advise on any water-related concerns.