Have you or members of your family been struggling with uncomfortable skin issues? Whether you struggle with acne on your face or shoulders, dry skin on your hands and joints, or even recurring hives, no doubt you’re trying everything you can think of to address the problem. While no one has perfect skin, we all have a few moles and dry or oily patches, serious skin problems almost always have a source.

You may have tried changing your soap brand, laundry detergent, or using lotion more often. But when nothing works, it’s time to look in unexpected places. Many people don’t realize that unstoppably recurring skin issues might not be your soap, but the water you’re washing with instead! Tap water with “harmless” additives like iron, magnesium, and chlorine can wreak havoc on sensitive or already vulnerable skin causing problems to keep coming back because you can’t escape the source.
Let’s take a look at three of the most predominate skin issues that impure tap water can cause for you, your children, and other members of your household.

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1) Acne Breakouts

There’s nothing more demoralizing than an angry zit or an aggressive breakout, especially when you’re past the age of 18 and should be beyond your worst acne days. If you, or even your teen, are suffering from regular acne breakouts despite changing soaps or specially products, the cause could be lurking in your tap water.

Hard water containing large amounts of magnesium, calcium, and iron interfere with your soap lather and the mineral flecks can actually clog up your pores. This creates an opportunity for acne to form every time you wash your face, back, and shoulders.

2) Dry, Flaky Skin

The more common response to hard water, however is uncomfortably dry skin that may begin to flake in a worrying and unattractive way. You are probably familiar with that dry ‘squeaky’ feeling that comes from bathing and washing your hands in hard water and this is what could be causing a chronic dry skin problem.

Because the minerals in hard water are drying agents, your skin is unable to maintain a healthy moisture level even if you constantly use lotion. The minerals may even be blocking your ability to absorb moisturizer, ensuring that your skin will continue to get more dry and unhealthy.

3) Red Itchy Skin and Hives

But the worst thing to experience in you water is excessive chlorine. Many communities add chlorine to tap water during the processing stage in an effort to kill microbes, but they don’t filter the chlorine back out again. Just like swimming in the pool, too much exposure to chlorinated water can cause red itchy skin and even hives for people who are sensitive.

This isn’t actually an allergic reaction. If your skin turns red after washing your hands or face, this is actually a mild chemical burn from the harsh chlorine content of your water.

If you or members of your family are experiencing constant skin problems that no amount of gentle soap or moisturizer can solve, the problem is probably in the tap water itself. Fortunately, there are solutions. A water softening unit for your home can remove the irritating and pore-clogging minerals that have been causing you trouble. And, incidentally, will also improve the quality of your laundry and stop your constant battle against ‘water spots’ and tub residue.

A water filtration system can help filter out dangerous chemicals like chlorine used to ‘clean’ your water before it reaches your tap. By installing theses systems into your home, every tap in the house will run clean, safe water and your skin will finally get a chance to recover from the constant onslaught of drying, clogging, and chemical contaminants. For help determining the right home water solutions for your home, contact us today!